We have some very talented musicians as a part of our community!

Each Sunday they share music of all types with us - folk, inspirational, classical, rock, blues and more. Here is a bit about the musicians of the PLC:


Jimmy Collier

Jimmy Collier's repertoire blending folk, blues, gospel, country and soul has electrified audiences from Carnegie Hall to Sesame Street to President Carter's Inaugural Program. Collier's experiences as a performer echo some of the most important events of our culture. These include working as staff entertainer for Dr. Martin Luther King, crewing on Pete Seeger's musical sloop Clearwater, and portraying the role of African Americans in the Old West. He currently performs in Northern California including workshops in the State University's system, Stanford University, and various organizations.

Other talented musicians that perform for us are …

Rick Dunlap, Tamara Dent, Debby Martzolff, and Patty Hummel.

In Memoriam you will be greatly missed

Stephen DeRuby

Stephen DeRuby

Stephen DeRuby plays the Guitar, East Indian Esraj, Chinese harp, Bouzouki, Cello, Flutes he makes, Vocals and more. His songs are uplifting and inspirational. Stephen's original style is a broad cross-cultural experience. His performance includes influences from World music, New Age, Folk, Chants, Sing-Along and Meditative music.

He is an internationally known artist who's music can be heard on Satellite Radio, Webcasting and Cable Radio.


Vimeo Videos: