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There is one Life and one Power in the Universe and that Power is God.

Sprit speaks through many teachers, East and West, ancient and contemporary. Creator doesn’t have a Religion, but is in all religions and spiritual paths.

The laws of the Universe work through love. Love of Source, love of self and love of each other.

All splendor is revealed through the discovery and release of that which is within each individual.

Each person is an unique expression of God.

What we give, whether it be love, talent, time or dollars, circulates back to us.

Freedom belongs to everyone.

Creator is in, as and through all creation. Everything and everyone is sacred.

It is possible to live together, to advance together, to synthesize our differences and reveal Oneness.

                 ALL ARE WELCOME

The Positive Living Center is a safe place for those searching for a spiritual based community. We are a welcoming nondenominational center. If you are looking for a gathering that respects those in the LGBTQIA+ community, know that we wholeheartedly welcome you.


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