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God, Satan and Me

Rev. Bob Hand


Why give us hate and make us fight
Over who is wrong and who is right
Why place us all in different nations
Divide us up by our relations

Perhaps God was going to speak
But I suddenly jumped to my feet
My thoughts and heart began to race
I couldn’t sit and began to pace

Tell me God why did you make
Those who lie and those who hate
Why did you cause some to steal
Some to cheat and some to kill

Tell me God, one more time
Why did you make both cruel and kind
Why make religions so they spark
Hatred to flare in each man’s heart

God spoke up then, loud and clear
Come back and sit beside me here
You’ve worked yourself in quite a state
So listen now, it’s getting late

You asked me why I split apart
Right from wrong, light from dark
Why did I make men who hate
Were all these things a big mistake?

I really love you, you’re my son
So I will tell you all I’ve done
I never made any divisions
The things you say weren’t my decisions

I only made all as One
After that my work was done
Within that Oneness you are free
To make a choice of what you see

You can see it as it is
Where all is One, and it just is
Or you can see both good and bad
Experience being happy and sad

All the hatred, all the strife
That man has brought into his life
Do not come from my creation
But rather from man’s imagination

So stay with me my favored son
And always see all as One
For Oneness is the only way
To live in Truth every day


I spoke with Satan yesterday
I turned and saw him come my way
He greeted me with a crooked smile
And said, “Sit down; let’s talk a while’

“I heard you had a lot to ask
But listening to God is quite a task
I know that all He says is true
But God can’t truly relate to you”

“But I relate well to all
We both have taken quite a fall
I fell from Heaven down to Hell
You fell from Eden like a leaden bell”

“So you and I are much the same
Feel free to call me by my name
Call me Lucifer, or just plain Luce
I’ll call you Bob or John or Bruce”

I thought to myself, “What the hell
Let’s see what the devil has to tell”
So then I just sat right down
And looked upon his two-horned crown

“Why are you Lucifer, Bringer of Light?
For the Prince of Darkness, that can’t be right”
Satan laughed, then smiled real sly
“Okay” he said, “I’ll tell you why”

“I brought forth the brightest light
To illuminate wrong from right
I wanted to help all to see
What they could and couldn’t be”

I began to split folks apart
When I shined my light in their heart
You are good, and you are bad
You’ll be happy, you’ll be sad

“I truly thought I’d found the way
To judge those who had gone astray
Now God could give out joy or pain
He’d know who’s humble and who is vain

“But then God took that light from me
And said I should just let it be
He said his children always would
Be the best that they could”

“Some would always do what’s right
Some just couldn’t see the light
But ultimately, all are One
My favorite daughter, my favorite son”

“So I stay away from that Lucifer spark
And spend my time in the dark
For in the dark, all is One
The dark is where it all begun”

“The fires of hell are just a light
We shine to judge who is right
But that judgement light reflects right back
On us to show us what we lack”

“When we judge the other man
We’re just showing what we don’t understand
The judgement light will always burn
Each one who holds it in their turn”

“So don’t blame the devil for those who hate
Bringing that light was my mistake
But keeping that light is on all of you
Who judge what’s bad, not what is true”


My mind was in a constant spin
I didn’t know where to begin
I spoke with God of wrong and right
Then Lucifer told me of his light

How had this all come to pass
That they had answered what I asked?
It seemed so strange that it should be
That God and Satan spoke with me

I thought about all they said
I used to think of them with dread
God and Satan brought only fear
But exactly why wasn’t clear

I was always told I had to be
A God-fearing man you see
But God had seemed really nice
And given me some great advice

And Satan, too, wasn’t mean
He told me all of what he’d seen
I was told to never look his way
But he had some wise things to say

Where did they come from, where were they now?
I wondered why and where and how
These mysterious beings from the Book
Came to show me how they look

I stopped and had some water to drink
And then began to really think
Did I actually see those two?
I had to really think this through

I couldn’t remember how they looked
Was Satan’s nose straight or crooked?
Were God’s eyes brown or blue?
I really didn’t have a clue

And then it started to come to me
That I really didn’t truly see
Either God or even Satan
I actually was quite mistaken

I heard their wisdom, that was true
This much I was sure I knew
But when I thought of what I saw
I wasn’t really sure at all

Could it be that all I heard
Wasn’t someone else’s word
Could it be that my own mind
Could have such thoughts of this kind?

Were God and Satan inside me?
Were they always there for me to see?
Not outside, as I’d been taught
But inside my every thought

Now it made so much sense
When I was sad and mad and tense
When I thought God was to blame
That was just a child’s game

The final truth for me to find
Was always there inside my mind
God and Satan couldn’t be
There was always only me

There is no Heaven, there is no Hell
No God above or Satan who fell
To find out what is really true
Look instead inside of you

To know of all that is Divine
All the truth that we can find
Our sacred journey should always start
Not in the world, but in our heart

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