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5 Steps of Prayer Treatment

1. Recognition

In this first step, we recognize that Creator is and is all there is. You can state this in any way that feels good to you such as: Spirit, Source, God, Divine Light, Creator, etc…

“The Divine is and Divine is all there is.”

“There is one perfect Intelligence that is on purpose and creates everything out of Itself.”

2. Unification

In step two, you unify your consciousness with this perfect Intelligence as for example:

“Because Source is all there is, Source is in me, with me and around me and working through me right now.”

3. Realization

Step three is about declaring your realization. It is expressed in the present tense, with knowledge that it already is. We affirm positive experiences and results, such as:

“Because I know that my thoughts create my reality, I mindfully monitor and choose what I am thinking. I think and allow only positive thoughts to pass through my consciousness. I refuse to dwell on any negative thoughts and focus only on the highest and best ideas for my life. I now realize the truth of my greatest good.”

4. Thankful Acceptance

We thank God or Spirit or Divine Mind in step four that the Treatment has already become a reality in your life.

“I am thankful and am grateful for the creative power of the Law, for the Principle that is at work in my life and for this knowledge that has been revealed to me.”

5. Release

In the past four steps we have declared the truth with passion and enthusiasm for life. Now, in step five, we let go and let Creator determine, through the impersonal Law, how the result is to come about. We let Spirit handle the details, getting ourselves out of the way.

“I release this Treatment to the Law, knowing that as I speak my word, it is already happening for my greater good and the good of all concerned. And so it

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